Explore Stories of Zero Waste Around the World

municipalities have committed to Zero Waste in Europe alone
waste diversion from landfills and incinerators has been achieved in cities in Asia and Europe
of global carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 2030 through switching to a circular economy
1.5 million
jobs could be created with a 75% diversion rate in the U.S.

Case Studies

From Buenos Aires to Boston, Sardinia to San Fernando, communities across the world are transitioning to Zero Waste. Zero Waste is both a goal and a plan of action. The plan encompasses waste reduction, composting, recycling and reuse, changes in consumption habits, and industrial redesign. In these case studies, you can learn "best practices" from GAIA members and partners in regions around the globe who have led their cities towards Zero Waste, and find strategies that your community can use to join the movement!


The Story of FreiburgCup

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The Story of eReuse

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