About the Campaign

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc upon our communities, our decision-makers are promising that a recovery is around the corner. But the COVID-19 crisis has exposed how unjust, undemocratic, and unstable our current system is. It is not enough to simply recover.

We can’t go back to polluting industries – like plastic production and waste incineration – destroying our land, air, and water. We can’t go back to governments disrespecting and underpaying the work of waste pickers and waste workers, the unsung heroes of cities around the world. We can’t go back to a system where those least responsible for the waste crisis–low-income and marginalized communities–are made to suffer the most. It’s time for our leaders to stop investing in industries that put our health and our climate in danger.

We can’t go back. So we must go beyond. We must invest in the movement for zero waste, led by the very same people who have been most harmed by the current make/take/waste economy. Communities across the world, from Buenos Aires to Boston, Sardinia to San Fernando, have developed zero waste systems that have saved cities millions, created good jobs, built up local economies, and improved the quality of life of countless people. When we go beyond recovery, we create an economy of life, where nothing and no one is wasted.

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How can cities go #BeyondRecovery to build resilient local economies, improve the environment, and create socially just systems? Find out!

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