What does “bold action” look like?

Leading up to the United Nations one-day summit of world leaders on climate change, hundreds of thousands of people will be taking to the streets for the People’s Climate March and People’s Climate Justice Summit to demand bold action to protect our planet and futures.

One of those hundreds of thousands of people is Alexandro Cardoso. Like his father and grandfather, Alex is a recycler. He began recycling workAlex as a child, helped organize a local recyclers cooperative, and is a key member of the National Movement of Recyclers/Catadores in Brazil (MNCR). He trains recyclers to be advocates for their labor and human rights.

While world leaders have spent decades failing to respond to climate change, GAIA members like Alex and the MNCR have been building the solutions. Communities around the world are creating zero waste systems with reuse, repair, recycling, composting, and better product design. Workers are banding together to form cooperatives that combine zero waste with justice.

The “bold action” we are demanding is not vague, hypothetical, or impossible. It is happening in communities every day.

As we turn our eyes to world leaders for their long-awaited leadership, we can’t lose sight of the people that have long been leading the way toward a just and sustainable future. We need to look to them as we build solutions. In the week leading up to the march, we will be publishing stories of GAIA members and allies doing the visionary work to fight for and build a brighter world inspired by local wisdom. To find out when a new story is published, follow us on twitter @GAIAnoburn. Join us in NYC.

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